Saved Links

This is a collection of some of the posts I have saved to my Reddit account over the course of years of reading. As always with Reddit often the discussion in the comments is as valuable as the initial post.


What are some classic posts about drugs which everyone should know about?

What better way to start off a collection than with another collection? Most of the links in this are to outside Reddit. I mainly use it to get the link to Amphetamine: The Drug You Learn To Hate

boyfriend keeps showing up high?

The other side of every post talking about taking Adderall to be smoother on dates.

I fell into my mom's honesty trap

"You can tell me anything, I just want you to be safe"


Drunk classmate stole my acid during a house party, and ate 500ug as his first time.

Classic clusterfuck.

Might get expelled for lsd.

This is a fun one as the Reddit account is still active, so you can see how everything turned out.

Babysat my friend while he did lsd, he basically tried to rape me, then blamed me

Clear content warning on this one from the title.

Dealer Perspectives

As told by a drug dealer..

Why you probably don't want to be a drug dealer.

"I'll never be one of those shitty dealers"

There's a long discussion in the comments on this one about if LSD should ever be sold for a profit.

Experimented with being a "club" dealer over the summer and thought I would share my experience.

Fairly detailed

MDMA Usage

My friends' experience on microdosing MDMA

People keep asking about it, so it's handy to have an instant rebutal.

I've been taking MDMA every weekend for about 3 years now and I've recently started to notice some unpleasant symptoms

A good thread about how the effects of MDMA abuse can creep up on you.

Some people here in the UK doing absolutely ridiculously farcical doses of MDMA and other stimulants EVERY WEEKEND.

A discussion about UK drug culture.

The effects of taking MDMA three days consecutively

A handy link to give to those planning for multi-day festivals.